We Support your Constitutional Rights for Freedom of Speech

Free Speech Rights Should be Upheld

Demonstrations and political causes lie at the heart of our democracy, and the First Amendment is what makes it all work. However, freedom of speech and the right of assembly is often controversial as the federal, state, and local municipalities often place restrictions on unpopular speakers and causes. Regulation of speech is often justified by a desire to protect public health and safety. However, many of these restrictions are a form of censorship that keeps the public from receiving information vital to the democratic process and the advancement of our society. A First Amendment attorney can be instrumental in protecting persons exercising their rights for freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. This firm considers the Constitution to be our client, and the Constitution protects every speaker regardless of how controversial the speech may be. The law office of Gary S. Edinger, P.A., has decades of experience in First Amendment law and can defend your rights by challenging government violations in State and Federal Courts. Contact us at 352-338-4440. We offer economical and knowledgeable legal services. Call our Gainesville, Florida office for a case evaluation.