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Florida Law and Civil Appeals

Our law firm handles civil appeals of every kind in state and federal courts with over 30 years’ experience. Gary Edinger has had cases before the United States Supreme Court with numerous appearances before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals and even a foray into the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.  

An Appeal is a request to a higher court to review the decision made in a lower court or administrative agency to determine whether any legal errors were made during the original trial. The appellant is the party filing the appeal with the higher court. Mr. Edinger represents both appellants and appellees. When filing for an appeal, the timing is critical. As a small firm, Gary S. Edinger, P.A., will act quickly to preserve your right to appeal. We begin working immediately to determine the best possible strategy and are familiar with the court system, so effective action is taken for our clients.

Appealing the Outcome of a Civil Case

A civil case is a noncriminal lawsuit that generally involves private property or civil rights. A civil lawsuit can include hundreds of circumstances, including breach of contract, probate, divorce, negligence, and more. If the parties involved in a civil case do not agree with the trial court’s decision, the ruling for the civil suit may be appealed. The notice of appeal must be filed within strict time limits, usually within 30 days from the date of judgment. The appellant and appellee must submit written arguments to explain why the lower court’s decision should be upheld or overturned.

Why Do You Need an Appeals Lawyer?

An appeals lawyer handles cases on appeal when a party loses or believes that his or her client has the grounds to appeal all or part of the decision made by the lower court. The appeals court reviews the record made by the trial court. The appeal is not a trial and is typically handled by a lawyer who is experienced and skilled at research and writing. An appeals lawyer presents the facts and law to the appeals court in a legal brief. The appeals court decides whether to affirm or reverse the trial court’s decision based on the written briefs and oral argument. The appeals process can be complicated and requires the knowledge of an attorney experienced in filing and pursuing appeals. Our law firm can assist you with a variety of legal situations, including cases arising from local government (ex. code enforcement) administrative agencies (licensing and other matters) and every kind of civil trial. 

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