Adult Entertainment and Florida Law

The adult entertainment industry is affected by many of the same legal challenges of other business entities, however they have additional legal issues due to strict State and Federal obscenity laws and regulations for the protection of adults and minors. There are unique aspects to the adult entertainment world that warrants the hiring of an adult entertainment attorney to provide counsel on proactive compliance issues, provide strategies to reduce legal risks and defend establishments against First Amendment infringements by government authorities. Adult entertainment is under public scrutiny due to the community’s value judgments and fear of secondary effects, such as subjective opinions that its presence can cause increased crime and decreased property values. The law firm of Gary S. Edinger, P.A. is dedicated to First Amendment rights in adult entertainment and can negotiate, mediate, arbitrate, or litigate any legal disputes related to adult entertainment.

An adult entertainment attorney can assist with legal compliance and advocacy in the following areas:

  • Record keeping compliance for proof of age of the employees, to avoid obscenity prosecution for underage persons. Ignorance of a minor’s age is not a defense and these records must be available for law enforcement inspection at any time.
  • Employment contracts, as under the Federal Labor Standards Act, workers of an adult entertainment establishment are considered employees and are protected by that law.
  • Establishing a business structure and tax structure for a new company.
  • Acquiring appropriate business licenses from local municipalities and state agencies.
  • The drafting of contracts for real estate transactions, such as the purchase, sale or lease of commercial property.
  • Keeping up to date with local business and zoning laws, ordinances and permits to ensure compliance. Restrictive zoning laws are often used as a means to control the presence of adult entertainment and can be challenged.
  • Assisting with intellectual property laws and protection, including trademark, copyright infringement and domain name disputes.
  • Advocacy in First Amendment infringement issues due to government authorities discriminating against free speech and expression.
  • Interfacing with law enforcement during investigations regarding alleged criminal activity. Representing the plaintiff or the defendant in civil lawsuits.
  • Breach of contract enforcement through alternative dispute resolution or court room litigation.

Contact an Experienced First Amendment Lawyer

Gary S. Edinger, P.A. is a former president of the First Amendment Lawyers Association, which is a nation-wide association of prominent attorneys that are committed to the preservation of free speech and expression. Members of this association primarily defend clients in the adult entertainment industry in First Amendment cases, before the Supreme Court. They defend against obscenity allegations, zoning, licensing, and all other government regulations that are designed to control the presence of adult entertainment within their communities. The law office of Gary S. Edinger, P.A. is highly respected for quality legal skills and the ability to protect your civil rights through civil litigation or appeals in State and Federal courts or the U.S. Supreme Court. We can represent your adult entertainment business for all of your legal needs. Call our Gainesville, Florida office 352-338-4440 for a knowledgeable and economical case evaluation.