Land Use and Zoning

Florida Land Use and Zoning Attorneys

We care about how the law affects your land use. At Gary S. Edinger & Associates, P.A. , we have represented many clients in their real estate litigation concerns. We frequently represent people on matters including quite title actions, boundary disputes, riparian rights, and environmental issues. We also have knowledge and understanding of land use actions, variance and special exception applications, and comprehensive plans.

We represent landowners in various disputes. We are familiar with Florida land use and zoning law. We can advise you on the law and work with you to develop an effective course of action that works for you. Talking with an attorney can help ease your concerns with the law's complication and seeming injustice.

Lawyers who Know Your Riparian Rights

In Florida, access to the water is of great concern to many people. We have experience litigating water rights. We are familiar with the way Florida law defines riparian rights with laws relating to your use of and access to water. As experienced litigators, we have the knowledge and skill to address your riparian water rights in court.

Let Us Help You Solve Your Land Use Dispute

Contact Gary S. Edinger & Associates, P.A. at (352) 338-4440 for a confidential consultation about your land use and zoning concerns. Located in Gainesville, Florida, we take great interest in preserving the rights of landowners under Florida Law. We take pride in our knowledge of the law and ability to help our clients reach satisfactory solutions.